Foodie Places

One of the great joys I have enjoyed is the pleasure I get visiting Farmers Markets and Foodie Markets. I have to say that I have been very lucky to have lived in cities that have has excellent markets, and they are a joy to visit for you never exactly know what treats you are likely to find at them. I have jotted a few down for my blog of foodie places, which can be found at Farmers and Foodie Markets.

We are pleased to see that the Farmers' Markets have become popular. We are now in the process to list the Irish Farmers' Markets, which will begin to appear on the site during the next few months.

As always, we owe a lot to the assistance that we get from those dedicated hard workers whom tirelessly work behind the scene to make the markets happen, and who have helped us with the words and photos. It all goes to help us to allow you the reader a sense of what each market has to offer.

Do you run a Farmer's Market or Food Shop? Why not contact us through our Contact Us page.