Spice is Right, The

Bhide, Monica

ISBN: 1896511171 Publisher: Callawind Publications

The Spice is Right

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If, like me, you enjoy good Indian food but find it far too heavy, then this book could be the answer to your prays. In Monica Bhide's new book, both traditional and fusion style dishes have been created with an emphasis on nutrition, simplicity and taste. (Lets banish stoggy indian takeway food!)

Monica Bhide moved to America from India over 10 years ago. On arriving in the United States, she found it a battle to find ingredients for traditional Indian food, so adapted her recipes to include easy-to-find ingredients. Over the years these creations led to hundreds of recipes, which she has now brought to us in The Spice is Right.

Recipes are separated into 15 western themed menus which include drinks, starters, mains, side dishes and dessert. Try traditional dishes such as Yoghurt Curry with Lentil Dumplings (Kadi) and Spicy Chicken Bake (Tandoori Chicken) or fusion dishes including Curry Leaves Spice Rub Sandwiches and Indian Chex Mex.

This is the only Indian cookbook I've come across that combines fun with nutrition. It makes cooking Indian food a joy.