Veritable Feast at the Camdem Lock Markets

One of the bst thinks to do on a Sunday in London would have to be a trip to Candem Lock Markets. Ever since my first visit, I have loved going there, but not just for the bargains that can be had in the myriad of cloths stores. Camdem Lock Markets is a place where you can get a bargain in all manner of things "Foodie."

My favorite food stalls are found near the lock side of the market. They are easily found if you are walking up to the markets via the canal, as you enter the market directly on to them. If you come via the tube to Camdem Lock Station, enter the markets and head left and through the archway. You will find a range of styles, ranging from Afro-Carribean through to Pancakes. On a recent visit, I had a Goat Curry, which with the addition of some chilli sauce; it was excellent!

Over the last couple of years, the number of food stalls has increased, and a new Indian restaurant has opened, but the biggest growth has been in the number of Thai and Chinese eateries that are dotted around the market. Sadly, though, this has not lead to better food, as they seem intent on competing on price and not quality.

So, a vist will not only be a bargain packed day out in the London institution that is Camdem Lock Markets, it will also be a excellent foodie day out, as well. Take our advice, though, and shop around before deciding what to eat, and if you can't decide between dishes, remember you can always come back next Sunday.