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Christmas Menu Seggestions

With the big Christmas day only a short time away, you need to start your planning now. Sarah has made it easy with her menu suggestions for Christmas. Nothing beats home-cooked Christmas, but with so many things to arrange, getting organised is the only way to survive the day in style.

Christmas Preparation

Christmas Recipes




Vegetables and Other Side Dishes

Desserts, Baked and Treats

Sauces and Basics

Farmers and Food Markets

One of the great joys I have enjoyed is the pleasure I get visiting Farmers Markets and Foodie Markets. I have to say that I have been very lucky to have lived in cities that have has excellent markets, and they are a joy to visit for you never exactly know what treats you are likely to find at them. I have jotted a few down for my blog of foodie places, which can be found at Farmers and Foodie Markets.

Seasonal Recipe Ideas

Sarah's Seasonal Recipe List has been updated with great ideas, which can be found on our Recipes page. Also, we have the September's guide to the best seasonal produce. It is our "What to eat now" guide for those who are looking to get the most out of their local ingredients. There are Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere articles.

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